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Rubber And Plastic Technology

A4NWeb, gives you a detailed description of Rubber and Plastic Technology course , career options available and the list of institutions offering Rubber and Plastic Technology course in Tamilnadu.

Duration : 4 Years – Semester Pattern

All About Rubber And Plastic Technology

The Rubber and Plastic Technology is already well rooted in India and is rapidly growing. Various areas such as agriculture telecommunication transportation and construction depend largely upon rubber and plastic. In conjunction the expansion of above industries are enormous which makes the growth of rubber and plastic industry obvious.'

'Rubber is most used in manufacturing of tyre. The automobile industry produced an average of 19 million vehicles for the year 2015 including domestic and commercial vehicles.'

'Applications of plastics retrieve enormous for the future in all possible fields fincluding nano technology and biotechnology. Plastic and rubber represents an open book for ideas and can be molded to get desired output.

Rubber and plastic technology is a field that deals with process, molding and transform of rubber, plastic and its sub products. Rubbers are put to use in our day to day life for domestic and as well as industrial purpose. Even garments, toys and many more products are the end result of rubber. Plastic is also used diversely in household appliances, packaging and almost all the products.

The rubber most is used for the automobile industry for manufacturing tyres in different forms from cycle tyre to plane tyre. The development of automobile industry enhanced the utilization of rubber further more and rubber technolgy become a fruitful career option.

The development of plastic field is also dominant as the nature of plastic is very unique. It is the molecular uniqueness that gives plastic the strength to bring science and technology together. Rubber and Plastic technology grows rapidly along with the civilization.

Course Curriculum

Usage of rubber and plastic are increasing day by day and thereby increasing the result in development of rubber and Plastic Technology. Rubber and Plastic technology student should encapsulate the knowledge in the following areas below

Physical and Organic Chemistry
Solid Mechanics
Polymer Chemistry
Plastic Materials and Properties
Rubber Materials and Compounding Additives
Plastics Processing and Machinery
Rubber and Plastics Testing
Mould Engineering
Rubber Compound and Product Design
Adhesives and Surface Coatings
Polymer Recycling
Rubber Components in automobiles.

Career Opportunities

The rubber and plastic technology is growing successfully but is expected to grow even more in India, so career opportunities based on this technology is enormous. Rubber and Plastic technology student can find his career in the following areas

Agriculture Sector
Automobile Industries
Building and Construction Firms
Telecommunication Firms
Electronics Industry
Defense and Aerospace Industry
Computers Industry
Power Transmissions
Artificial Limbs Industry
Medical and Health Firms.

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003 AA+ 0004 University Departments of Anna University, Chennai ? MIT Campus 60