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Robotics And Automation

A4NWeb, gives you a detailed description of Robotics and Automation course , career options available and the list of institutions offering Robotics and Automation course in Tamilnadu

Duration : 4 Years – Semester Pattern

All About Robotics And Automation

Industries are moving towards automation for the increase in production and exact accuracy of the products. Automation is achieved by engaging the technology of robotics in the industry.'

'Robotics is currently implemented for carrying out various function in fabrication material handling machine loading

welding inspection etc.

. The future trends in robotics is pointing towards the research on implementing intelligent robotics like space robots robotic vehicles robots in biological and medical field.'

'India is expected to be the second largest manufacturing country in the coming years. The industrial robotic market value is 143000 units by 2015. The global robotics market is estimated to worth $17.6 billion with the Indian robotic market worth of $750 million and is expected to increase in next 5 years.

Robotics and Automation involves an artificial machine which performs complicated works and guided by automatic controls. Robotics has variety of applications in the field of research in space, underwater and military. Medical robots are quite interesting which assists surgery, communicate with the patient, transport materials and dispense medicines.

When it comes for the exploration in space, robots done an excellent job. Robotic explorers have set down in many of the planets, comets and asteroids. Robotic explorers can travel much faster and return more scientific data with accuracy.

Undersea operations are very risky and robots replace humans. Underwater research is a great application of robots. Nowadays almost all the organizations in the military take help of military robots to carry out risky operations. Robotics and Automation has variety of applications in different fields and requires talented professionals all over the world.

Course Curriculum

The Robotics and Automation course makes the student technologically strong and teaches them how automation and robotics affects our lives. As Robotics and Automation entered each and every corner of the fields, the robotics and automation student should encapsulate the following field of study to put in a career in enormous field.

Digital Electronics
Sensors and Instrumentation
Automatic Control Systems
Kinematics and Dynamics of Machinery
Power Electronics and Drives
Field and Service Robotics
Mechanical Design
Computer Architecture
Artificial Intelligence of Robotics
Nano Computing

Career Opportunities

Robotics and automation opens up opportunities for both entrepreneurs and students. All the developed and developing nations have started using robotics for automation. The demand of robotics and automation engineers in few of the fields such as

Electrical Industry
Electronic Industry
Motor Vehicles
Chemical industry
Automotive Industry
Medical Equipment
Manufacturing Industries
Metal Manufacturing

Find colleges offering Robotics And Automation course

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512 D 4983 Lord Jegannath College of Engineering and Technology 60