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Printing Technology

A4NWeb, gives you a detailed description of Printing technology course, career options available and the list of institutions offering Printing technology course in Tamilnadu.

Duration : 4 Years – Semester Pattern

All About Printing Technology

Digital printing is growing leaps and bounds as it allows print suppliers to improve the levels of service. Speaking of future digital printing will include in packaging cartons flexible and metals.'

'3D printing has proven that printing is not about just ink anymore. 3D Printers are used in manufacturing from a simple pen to a complex human organ.'

'Printing technology has demonstrated a prototype of printing and copying system that automatically erases the contents on a piece of paper. This allows for recyclability in doing so people would not have to discard incorrectly printed material. Instead they can feed it back to the printer.

Printing technology is a field of study that allows students to choose their career in printing, photography and page layout techniques and programs. There has been augmented growth in the printing industry with the inception of digital printing and 3d printing.

Printing technology is one of the strongest and powerful media of mass communication which is growing very rapidly. Printing Technology is one of the most flourishing sectors of the country. Apart from digital printers, 3D printers has improved the development of printing technology, thus allowing for its usage in every aspect of the human life.

Erasable printing is set to hit the market with recyclability adding more appeal to the printing technology. Printing industry will have an exponential growth with refillable ink, erasable technology and 3d printing in the horizon.

Course Curriculum

Printing Technology is currently used in research in the medical field. Printing technology will aid in the illustration of the process before actually creating / constructing / assembling a product in every field. The course focus the following areas

Imaging Technology
Colour Reproduction
Digital Data Handling
Printing Inks and coatings
Electronic Publishing
Print Finishing
Web Offset Technology
Flexographic Printing
Gravure and Screen Printing
Packaging Technology
Advertising Techniques
Book Publishing
Colour Management

Career Opportunities

Printing Technology programs might lead to a variety of careers. Printing Technology Student should work in various fields as the technology is used in all other fields. Printing Technology professional can secure his career in areas such as

Publishing Companies
Digital Printing
Electronic Printing
Textile Industry
News Paper Production
Polymer Technology
Security Printing
Advertising Companies
Biological and Scientific Modelling
Architecture/construction modelling

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001 AA+ 0001 University Departments of Anna University, Chennai ? CEG Campus 60