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Marine Engineering

A4NWeb, gives you a detailed description of Marine Engineering course , career options available and the list of institutions offering Marine Engineering course in Tamilnadu.

Duration : 4 Years – Semester Pattern

All About Marine Engineering

Marine Engineering is a broad topic which includes the things in the water or on a ship. Transport of goods by sea is the cheapest means of transport. Marine Engineering will effect the international trade to a great extent.'

'Marine Engineers are very much responsible for the technical management of ship. Marine Engineer should have broad knowledge to control and calculate about the ship and sea.'

'The sea is a very demanding environment more than earth. The global commerce of the modern world is largely entitled by the technologies developed by marine engineers.

Marine Engineering refers to the engineering of ships, boats and other marine structures. Marine engineers involved in the construction, operation and maintenance of marine vehicles. Sea is unpredictable environment where nature plays a major role. Such structures of the sea should withstand the wind, waves and salt exposures.

The development of air planes have taken over the place of ship. At present, Ships are majorly used for luxurious sight seeing cruise ships. Innovations should be built in the ship in order to attract the passengers.

Ships are mainly used for transport of goods such as oil, timber, cement etc., which in turn plays a role in the international trade but also the domestic trade. Marine Engineers should have the knowledge to built a ships like oil tankers, timber carrier and cement carrier etc. Marine Engineering should involve in the assurance of safety for both the passengers and goods.

Course Curriculum

Marine engineering also comprises of engineering fields which are mostly related to the studies of human relationships with the sea. Hence Marine engineer should have the thorough knowledge in the following core fields

Marine Hydraulics and Fluid Machinery
Elementary Navigation and Survival at sea
Marine Manufacturing Technology
Marine Electrical Machine
Marine Refrigeration and Air conditioning
Marine Machinery Drawing
Mechanics of Solids
Marine Diesel Engines
Marine Steam Engines
Marine Electrical Machines
Marine Engineering Materials
Marine Electronics
Marine Auxiliary Machinery
Marine Diesel Engine
Stability of Ships
Ship Construction
Marine Boilers and Steam Engines
Ships Fire Prevention and Control
Marine Control engineering and Automation

Career Opportunities

Employment prospects for marine engineers are growing which reveals a 9% increase in the coming years. Industries employing the marine engineers which are as follows

Electronic Navigation
Environmental Protection
Offshore Oil Recovery
Underwater Vehicles
Marine Transportation
Global Climate Monitoring
Naval Architecture
Boat Building companies

Find colleges offering Marine Engineering course

A4N Rank Rating Code Name Intake
226 D 1124 Sams College of Engineering and Technology 40
011 AA 1219 Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering 30
246 D 1407 G.K.M. College of Engineering and Technology 40
305 D 1514 Sri Nandhanam College of Engineering and Technology 30
202 C 4964 PSN College of Engineering and Technology (Autonomous) 60
171 C 5907 Mohamed Sathak Engineering College 30