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A4NWeb, gives you a detailed description of Geo Informatics course , career options available and the list of institutions offering Geo Informatics course in Tamilnadu.

Duration : 4 Years – Semester Pattern

All About Geo-Informatics

The main tasks of geoinformatics are development and management of databases of geo data

analysis modeling of geo data and integration of computer tools with the above tasks.'

'The development of large storage devices and data processed with high speed results in the organization of large amount of data as digital products.'

'Many fields which benefit from geoinformatics which includes agriculture military transport network planning tourism metrology and climate change telecommunications etc.'

Geoinformatics is the science and the technology which detects and uses information of science infrastructure to collect the problems of earth. Because of rapid changes in the information acquisition, strong partnership between geoscientists and computer scientists has been estabished.

The future research of Geoinformatics will be thoroughly managed by the information technology devices. Storing the rock record that reveals 4.5 billion years of history, structure of earth is the main thing to answer scientific questions. The researches which involves biodiversity, planetary information, natural resources, existence of petroleum products and 4-D architecture are answered by the information gathered by geoscientists. The integration of such data will require advancement of IT tools.

Course Curriculum

Geoinformatics is a well growing field which requires expert knowledge. The course curriculum contains topics from the geospatial data handling process spectrum, ranging from basic principles to research topics.. The areas in which geoinformatic student should rely on

Applied Geology
Electronic Surveying
Microwave Remote Sensing
Cadastral Surveying
Satellite Geodesy
Digital Photogrammetry
Survey Adjustment
Geographical Information System

Career Opportunities

The geoinformatics field is expanding at a rapid pace as industries are employing spatial data to manage their activities. No project will be complete without the geospatial information, the highly talented geoscientists are required for all the industries. Geoinformatics ensures a wide variety of employment opportunities. Such disciplines where a geoinformatic professional can secure a career in:

Web Mapping
Land Information System
Business Geographics]

Find colleges offering Geo-Informatics course

A4N Rank Rating Code Name Intake
001 AA+ 0001 University Departments of Anna University, Chennai ? CEG Campus 60
094 B 4024 University VOC College of Engineering, Thoothukudi 60