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Automobile Engineering (SS)

A4NWeb, gives you a detailed description of Automobile Engineering course , career options available and the list of institutions offering Automobile Engineering course in Tamilnadu.

Duration : 4 Years – Semester Pattern

All About Automobile Engineering (SS)

Automobile Engineering has gained importance ever transportation becomes inevitable in today’s world. The future of Automobile Engineering is tremendous along with the development of transportation."

"India becomes the seventh position in the world with an average annual production of 17.5 million vehicles. India is also the fourth largest automotive market by volume. The demand of Automobile Engineering is very large."

"The Indian automobile industry is one of the largest developing industry in the world. The industry accounts for 7.1 per cent of the country's Gross Domestic Product (GDP). As of the year 2014-15

around 31 per cent of small cars sold globally are manufactured in India.

Automobile Engineering is an engineering discipline which deals with designing, manufacturing and operating automobiles. Automobile Engineering is a part of vehicle engineering which deals with motorbikes, buses, trucks, etc. Now due to the rapid growth of the manufacturers of automobile components and automobile industries, there is a great demand for Automobile Engineers.

India is also a main exporter of automobile components, automobiles and has strong export growth expectations for the upcoming future. In 2016, the commercial vehicle export will mark a growth of 18.36 % over 2015. In addition, several developments and innovations in the automobile players in the Indian market are expected to make India a leader in the industry by 2020.

Course Curriculum

The Automobile engineering has many sub sections and the areas of specialization include engine systems, electronics and control systems, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, aerodynamics, supply chain management etc. The Automobile Engineering student should encapsulate the following core areas

Engineering Thermodynamics
Fluid Mechanics and Machinery
Automobile Engines
Mechanics of Machines
Applied Thermodynamics and Heat transfer
Engineering Materials and Metallurgy
Electronics and Microprocessors
Automotive Chassis
Automotive Transmission
Vehicle Design Data Characteristics
Automobile Fuels and Lubricants
Two and Three Wheelers
Engine and Vehicle Management System
Finite Element Analysis
Vehicle Maintenance
Vehicle Body Engineering

Career Opportunities

Automobile Engineering is one of the most challenging careers in the field of engineering with great scope. Automobile Engineering deals with the designing, development, manufacturing, testing and repairing and servicing of automobiles and the related subsystems. The Automobile Engineer can pursue a career in the following fields

Vehicle Manufacturing
Service Station
Transport companies
Defense Services
Multinational Automobile Companies
Designing of Automobiles

Find colleges offering Automobile Engineering (SS) course

A4N Rank Rating Code Name Intake
003 AA+ 0004 University Departments of Anna University, Chennai ? MIT Campus 60
004 AA+ 2006 P.S.G. College of Technology (Autonomous) 60