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GATE 2017

Good Luck and best wishes to all GATE 2017 candidates

The mock examination link for GATE 2017 are given below.

AE – Aerospace Engineering:

AG – Agricultural Engineering:

AR –Architecture and Planning:

BT –Biotechnology:

CE –Civil Engineering:

CH –Chemical Engineering:

CS –Computer Science and Information Technology:

CY –Chemistry:

EC –Electronics and Communication Engineering:

EE –Electrical Engineering:

EY –Ecology and Evolution:

GG –Geology and Geophysics:

IN –Instrumentation Engineering:

MA –Mathematics:

ME –Mechanical Engineering:

MN –Mining Engineering:

MT –Metallurgical Engineering:

PE –Petroleum Engineering:

PH –Physics:

PI –Production and Industrial Engineering:

TF –Textile Engineering and Fiber Science:

XE –Engineering Sciences:

XL –Life Sciences: