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10 Tamil Nadu Engineering Colleges Likely To Shut Down This Year

With reference to the declining rate of students getting themselves enrolled for engineering colleges  in the state, 10 of the engineering colleges in Tamilnadu are likely to shut from the coming academic year 2017-18. A maximum of  colleges in the state failed to apply for affiliation this year with Anna University, reason being the less count of students appearing for counselling and admissions.

Tamil Nadu has a total of 552 engineering, MBA, Architecture and MCA Colleges. Out of these, ten engineering colleges failed to submit the applications for affiliation with the accredited university. These educational institutions cannot run without the affiliation of the university. Sources state that “So far 5 colleges have confirmed that they are going to close down from the next academic year and 2 colleges asked for some time to submit their details”. The last date to apply for the affiliation was on January 20, 2017, after which no applications were entertained.

Although, a notice was issued on the name of these colleges among which, five have confirmed their withdrawal and two have asked for some more time to file the applications. Rest 5 have not responded, their silence is considered as a confirmation for withdrawal and will be soon close.

Speaking on the issue, Professors of a few colleges stated that “In the last few years, the interests among students to join engineering courses is waning. It’s no surprise that engineering colleges opting to close as they cannot sustain without admitting enough students.”

During Tamil Nadu Engineering Admission(TNEA) 2016, more than 40% of the colleges couldn’t attract many students. Only a few of them were able to fill their seats for engineering programmes and the rest could manage to fill just half of the available seats. This became a matter of serious concern for these institutions for it could lead to difficulty in their functioning and sustainability.

In Last Year Only 100 colleges were able to fill about more than 90 per cent of their seats and 200 colleges filled 79 per cent of their seats. The rest of them got less than 50 per cent of the student enrolled in their colleges. These colleges fill find it difficult to sustain.

He further explained that, “They are not getting students because they are not getting job placements and they are located in remote areas. Their quality of teaching is also not up to the mark as they cannot hire good faculties due to their poor income.” Due to the unbalanced ratio of investments and funding, these colleges are forced to shut down. The statement itself explains the worsening condition of such colleges where not even a single student enrolled in as many as 10 engineering colleges in Tamil Nadu, last year.