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Academy of Scientific & Innovative Research ( AcSIR)

The Academy of Scientific & Innovative Research ( AcSIR) is a world class research academy function is within the 37 national laboratories, 6 units and 39 extension centres, encompassing biological, physical, chemical and engineering sciences, of the Council of Scientific & industrial Research (CSIR) that have been the best country’s infrastructural facilities.

      AcSIR has been established with an aim to substantially increase the number of researchers in an intergrative and  interdisciplinary areas of science and engineering.

AcSIR has been established as an ‘Institution of National Importance’ with a view of maximize the numbers of researchers and professionals of quality in the domain of science and engineering. There equipment  with them skills to to iinovate and conduct of the inerdiscilpinary research.


       AcSIR as their inception of CSIR, has been cleared vision for the future. Its has been established by an Act of Parliment , the Academy of Scentific Innovation Resaerch Act , 2011 ( The Gazette of India No.15 dated Feb 7, 2012 and notified on April 3, 2012). AcSIR has adopted as the mandate to created and the best of tomorrow’s S&T leaders through the combination of innovatives curricula and evalution.

          There are highly skilled S&T personnal of CSIR who are on the faulty of AcSIR are having adequately trained to face their challenges of inter- disciplinary and transmission of of the biological and engineering science which has the trommrow workspace.


The mission of the Academy of Scentific & Innovation is to create the highest quality personnel with their cross – disciplinary knowledge , aiming to provides leaders in the filed of Science and technology.

  • The Nuture of a researchers- propelled, technology- enabled, industry – linked, socilally higher education platform.
  • Develop niche capability required to bloster researched efforts in futuristic science.
  • Provides their opportunity to work on the frontiner and the contemporaneously challenging areas for nurturing their innovation.

Types of Course offering in the College

The Academy of Scientific & Innovative Research as offering their course for there Students are reffered  through there college link of  each courses are the reason so that attached.

  •   Biological Science
    • Chemical Science
    • Physical Science
    • Engineering science
    • Mathematical & Information Science

     Accrediation and Award

                      The Academy of Scientific & Innovation Research as been accrediated by the Act of Parliment on 2011 through an Institution of National Importance.

    They are also having some of the innovative ideas of AcSIR seek to bring about a paradigm shift in mindset ; through the link of AcSIR , is a reasons to being attached.


    Admission Process

                    The Admission process in  AcSIR for tPhD programmes are conducted twice in the year.

    The Participants of CSIR Labs announcement of there admission through the criteria and procedure are in the National Dailies and web media. They will be short listsed through the criteria of CSIR test or interview by their selection Committees of laboratories of CSIR.

           They also been the online admission portal for reasons to get through link of this University

    Exams followed in the College

                The date of exams details are not available in the university links


    Portal Address of university

     Academy of scientific and Innovative Research (AcSIR)

    Training and Development Complex,

    CSIR Campus , CSIR Road,

    Taramani, Chennai – 600113

    Ph; + 91- 44- 22545679,22545681

    Email id –

    ASIR Coordination Office seen through the link of ;